It’s Already Yours

Sep 20, 2021 | News

If it’s in your heart, it’s already yours. I don’t know about you, but every time I get a thought or feeling of something that I want or need, I know it to be true. Where that feeling stems from and what the consequences are is a different conversation, but I know I can have it, I know I can be it. I know that anything I want is possible; God gave it to me, therefore, it is. 

If you think it, it’s possible, because guess what? You thought it out already. Now, everyone can say they want someone, say they can see themselves in it, BUT you must do the work that comes with it. That is where most of us lack. Our fears or limiting beliefs and conditioning stop us from doing the work because of all the risks or discomforts associated with it, but I promise you, God made a way out of no way. Begin to put those thoughts or feelings or ideas into action and you’ll see that doors will continue to open. 

You say you want to be a global brand? You will. You say you want to have a baby? You will. You say you want to be a loving partner, without conditions? You will. But all of these without the small action steps necessary, will continue to be just a thought or dream. 

Everything you want for your future is possible, you simply must act in the present, as if it already is. Do the work now as if you’re already in it. 

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb is an inspirational leader, a motivational speaker, a community philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Webb Family Enterprises (WFE). Webb Family Enterprises is a management company that oversees numerous business lines through the lens of pursuing parity.