Growing In Love

Aug 23, 2021 | Family, News

I recently got back from a slight vacation feeling refreshed and full of love. My family and I traveled to Costa Rica and had the pleasure of staying in a beautiful villa set inside of a lush forest with astounding views of the ocean. Although we encountered plenty of stormy weather, lack of electricity, and insects, we had some precious moments.

Having all of this one-on-one time with my family really made me realize how much we need to cherish the moments we have with each other; no matter how big or small. Time really doesn’t escape any of us.  My children are growing up, my parents are getting older, my siblings are owning their journeys, and I am growing more and more into myself.

 I’ve been truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love. With my parents, I was raised with love and support, while being a live witness to the love they had for each other and their community. Seeing that kind of love and dedication really gave me the foundation to believe that love could be, and is a transformative and under-utilized resource. The love with my children is inspirational; both given and received. The way we freely accept one another and allow each other to create our own journeys (within guardrails of course), has made my experience of being a mother so dynamic and beautiful. With my siblings, I’ve gotten to see that the love we witnessed from our parents and their passions has made them powerful in pursuing similar acts of service & equity for our communities, and that fills my heart. Allowing myself to be in love with who I am, to know that I am exactly who I’m supposed to be, exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, is so freeing because I can always move forward without fear. 

Really I just know that as long as I live with love, and continue passing it on, growth won’t be something I am afraid of. I’ll continue enjoying and loving my parents while I have them. I’ll continue supporting and loving my children as they hit every stage in their lives. I’ll continue being proud of my siblings’ work. And lastly, I’ll continue to show myself the utmost love; knowing I can create a perfect world.

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb is an inspirational leader, a motivational speaker, a community philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Webb Family Enterprises (WFE). Webb Family Enterprises is a management company that oversees numerous business lines through the lens of pursuing parity.