Grace & Gratitude

Nov 22, 2021 | Lifestyle

Days away from Thanksgiving, I began to recollect on what I’ve written regarding gratitude. I realized that I left out something so important; self-gratitude.

Now, I find myself making all the connections; I (as do so many women) leave ourselves out of this equation way too often. We forgot to be grateful for OURSELVES. We forget to honor OURSELVES. We forget to have grace with OURSELVES. Yes, I’m grateful for everything previously mentioned, but I have so much in myself that I have gratitude for. What I am really grateful for is this heart of mine that has given me the strength to love so deeply, so genuinely. A heart that heals trauma, a heart that forgives, and a heart that keeps me so connected to Source. A body that has shaped my identity, one that carries me along every upward climb and treacherous low. A mind and soul that direct my choices and move perfectly with another to create everything I want for my life. Still, I find myself thanking everyone and everything else before myself.

Historically, self-gratitude has had such a negative connotation, often being synonymous with selfishness and reacting to impulses. I’d like to change the narrative. I’ve said it before, but you cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot operate at your highest self without putting yourself first. It should, if not must, be an impulse to be grateful for oneself. If you’ve had a rough work-week, thank your mind for the efforts, regardless of the outcome. If you’ve finished a run or a workout set, thank your body for the ability to do so.

I could go on, but as you begin to list off who and what to give thanks to, don’t forget to have gratitude and grace for all that you are, all that you’ve been through, and all that you will be.

Have a blessed holiday.

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb is an inspirational leader, a motivational speaker, a community philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Webb Family Enterprises (WFE). Webb Family Enterprises is a management company that oversees numerous business lines through the lens of pursuing parity.