Cleansing Spaces

Aug 18, 2021 | Lifestyle

I spoke on how sacred your spaces are to your wellbeing & your ability to re-energize, now let’s get into cleansing those spaces from some of those low emotions we may feel, or perhaps other people’s energy. This is perfect and necessary for when you feel you are stuck. Not only stuck in your head with thoughts that you know don’t align with your purpose, but also for when you are unaware that you’re stuck. If this sounds familiar to other pieces I’ve written, you’re right; there is a resounding theme here.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to pause, head to these spaces, and gain some clarity & light. We often get stuck doing the mundane, daily tasks without any direction, OR we go into hyper focused mode, never stopping to check if we are still on the right path.

First off, it is very true that the energy other people give off can totally transfer into your space. Therefore, you may feel off when you are around people who are not in alignment with you and your purpose, or when those energies enter the spaces which you find sacred. Secondly, when you are feeling down or not at your highest self, the energy you carry with you can become heavy in those spaces. This is why cleansing those spaces is crucial to giving yourself the energy you need to keep pursuing your highest self.

Cleansing your spaces can include using natural elements to rid yourself and the space of negative energy. Utilize the power of sound, crystals and light, the scent of essential oils or sage, combined with prayer and meditation, to cleanse your space and give you clarity and energy to keep flowing in your path.

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb is an inspirational leader, a motivational speaker, a community philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Webb Family Enterprises (WFE). Webb Family Enterprises is a management company that oversees numerous business lines through the lens of pursuing parity.