Kiana Webb
More Than The Watercooler

Traditionally, communication in business has always been in two broad formats; casual and formal. There are those watercooler conversations that lighten the mood, and the formal conversations that happen behind the double doors of a conference room. We see these 2 types of communications all throughout media, and have probably experienced them in some sort […]

Get to Know Me

At this point, you’ve read so much about the way I live my life; tips, how-to’s, inspirational quotes, etc., but probably have little knowledge as to what or how I’ve come to be this way. With most things in life, you can’t exactly pinpoint when there was a huge change or some kind of pivotal […]

A Fresh Look at Mondays

Let’s get into Mondays. Even as children, we’re told that Mondays are the worst; you hear your parents dreading Mondays, see it all over TV & movies, and now on memes in social media. So you go into adulthood thinking you should just skip through the day all together, and don’t put the work in […]

Time For A Vacation

As I get ready to go on vacation, I began to remember how when I was younger, I thought vacations were the only way to reenergize or reboot.  I would prep and plan vacations, desperate for some relief, and found myself with the same energy when I returned; stressed, cloudy, and with no direction. I […]

Freedom In The Workplace

Within the smoke of Independence Day comes a lot of reflections surrounding freedom, and what that means to each of us. Not everyone’s idea of freedom is the same, especially in the workplace or within their career. We have been conditioned to believe that in most workplaces, there is only one way to the top; […]

5 Things That Help Me Go from Work-Mode to Mom-Mode

Before, when I went into work every day, I had the opportunity to take the drive home to decompress before transitioning into mommy mode with my kids, but now that work and home are integrated, I find myself not taking a moment to think about going from my work-life to my mom-life since I primarily work […]

Kiana Webb

President & CEO of Webb Family Enterprises, and mother of 3 living each day with purpose!


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