Kiana Webb
Separately Together

I’ve recently noticed a shift in media, especially social media and within younger audiences, geared towards the idea of being selfish. This idea that you should cut off anyone and anything that does not serve you. Although I do agree that we must take time for ourselves, prioritize our own mental and physical health, etc., […]

A Time to Forgive

It’s officially autumn. A new season has arrived and with it comes the gleeful anticipation of the many holiday get-togethers, warm memories that will last a lifetime, and the every-day joys of routine elements that seem new and familiar at the same time. It’s such a joyous time of the year; a closing of a […]

Changes in Romantic Relationships

If you grew up watching Disney princesses, you probably had this fantasy-type idea of what relationships looked like. As you got older, relationships looked a little more like rom-coms; the girl went from partner to partner trying to find the one, always choosing the one that was obviously wrong for her, or completely isolated herself […]

Shame: Comfortable Choices 9-8-21

When you are aware of the shame you feel and where it stems from, it becomes easier to make choices that will no longer lead you towards that path. Everything in our lives stems from a choice we make. There are plenty of lessons to learn within those choices but choosing the options/behaviors/paths that align […]

Shame: Awareness 9-6-21

With changing seasons, both physically and mentally/spiritually, there’s this underlying feeling of shame or guilt. Shame concerning what could have been, what should have been, what did happen that shouldn’t have, how your actions/behaviors played a part, etc. Then comes the fear; fear of what if that happens again, fear of the unknown. Then you […]

Changing Seasons

The beauty of living life is in the middle. Just because one thing ends (death) and another begins (birth), doesn’t mean we must live in a way that is linear; life is continuous, it happens and flourishes in that cycle. Like a wave, it rolls and renews, but it doesn’t end, and you don’t know […]

The Mind, Body and Soul

As young children, most of us are raised with an equitable focus on each of these; the mind, the body, and the soul. For example, we are taught the importance of an education and intellect, we are put through endless doctor appointments and fitness activities, and the teachings/power of faith and spirituality for our soul. […]

Cleansing Spaces

I spoke on how sacred your spaces are to your wellbeing & your ability to re-energize, now let’s get into cleansing those spaces from some of those low emotions we may feel, or perhaps other people’s energy. This is perfect and necessary for when you feel you are stuck. Not only stuck in your head […]

(Sacred) Spaces

Have you ever felt like a certain space or area gives you an overwhelming feeling of clarity, love, or peace? These spaces feel invigorating and suddenly you feel you have the kind of energy you want to give to the world. This might be your sacred space. For me, this space is my outside office/corner. […]

Stop Chasing, Start Attracting

If you constantly find yourself going in circles, never getting to what want, you need to stop chasing and start attracting. To put it bluntly, you’re trying to live someone else’s truth, not your own. You can put energy towards doing all the same actions and behaviors as someone else, but your outcome will not […]

Kiana Webb

President & CEO of Webb Family Enterprises, and mother of 3 living each day with purpose!


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