Attitude of Gratitude

Nov 1, 2021 | Family

November brings about such beautiful reminiscent feelings, while holding us in sweet captivity for the upcoming joy the holiday season brings. While I do understand the history behind Thanksgiving, I find myself wondering why it is that most of us have been conditioned to give thanks or show gratitude, only on this day. And why it is that only after we’ve had a great year or received something we wished for. 

From a young age, my family instilled in me the power of gratitude, whom my parents had learned from their youth. This idea to show and speak gratitude has brough such a positive outlook on life and everything I do. It’s about focusing on what you do have, physical or not, as opposed to what you do not have, as well as being grateful for anything that comes your way, good or bad. 

You may see this a lot now in the form of mantras, daily routines, self-help/self-care guides, etc., and I’m so happy that this knowledge is being normalized. When you begin to see life and challenges/opportunities in this way, your entire outlook can change. Let’s go back to the knowing that you are exactly who you are meant to be, in the exact place you’re supposed to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. With this in mind, you are so affirmed in who you are and what is for you, that you have such genuine gratitude for what you have and/or what is to come.  

My entire life is an endless amount of blessings-because I choose to see it that way, and I am grateful for it. I see it in 2 ways; 1. I am grateful for every positive situation that has come into my life, 2. I am grateful for every negative situation that comes into my life, as it is a lesson I am meant to learn and will grow from the experience. I like to start my days with gratitude; I am thankful for another glorious arising, for what and who I have, and for all of the occurrences in my life. In this way, I open up my heart and world to receive more of what is meant for me. 

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb

Kiana Webb is an inspirational leader, a motivational speaker, a community philanthropist, and the Chief Executive Officer of Webb Family Enterprises (WFE). Webb Family Enterprises is a management company that oversees numerous business lines through the lens of pursuing parity.